• To be an intellect driven organisation engaged in creating efficiencies in the startup and innovation ecosystem in a trust worthy manner for all stakeholders
  • To deliver value and impact in new ways that have not been thought possible through creative use of technology, domain expertise, and information
  • To attract top quality talent and be a supremely people focused organisation, become a workplace of choice for employees
  • To be the most preferred go to partner for all stakeholders in the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem with utmost importance to quality across all dimensions


While the innovation and startup ecosystem has bloomed significantly in the last few years, much more needs to be done. For example, startup founders need a lot of help in the initial days of the venture in the fund raising process. With limited interest from the investment bankers for sub $250K rounds, the unmet needs of different stakeholders in the ecosystem are significant. Accessing top quality expertise, estimating the valuation of the venture, understanding the startup landscape, and so on, are characterised by significant inefficiencies. We at YNOS believe that these challenges can be addressed using our deep domain expertise and use of technological tools


What keeps us awake and fuels our dreams is the potential we see in contributing to the development of one of the vibrant startup and innovation ecosystems in the world. The objective of YNOS is to help the startup founders to navigate the terrain in the early stages of their venture lifecycle. In addition, our products also cater to different stakeholders of the ecosystem in multiple ways. Starting with information about the competitive landscape and identifying appropriate investors, the various online and offline offerings address different challenges in the startup ecosystem. Our users have been our inspiration. Most if not all of our users, have experienced joyous delight and satisfaction in our products. Our passion is to increase such experiences multifold through creative use of industry insights, information and technology
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