Business consulting services and expert guidance for fund raising

Fund raising for early stage entrepreneurs can be an excruciatingly lengthy and frustrating process. It doesn’t have to be. The consult offering helps you to get investment ready much quicker by: Validating your business plan to meet investor requirements with our panel of experts and business consultants Strengthening your investment pitch and value proposition Sharpening your business strategy, operations, and service offerings Referrals to potential investors

As an ENTREPRENEUR FIRST venture, our objective is to provide you with the most insightful advice from experts who are passionate about working with startups. The very affordable investment that you make when you enrol for consult would give manifold returns in terms of time saved, improved success in fund raising, stronger operating foundations, and reduced frustrations. Entrepreneurship is a long haul. But expert handholding and business consulting services from YNOS makes it faster.


  • Identifying and developing the management aspects of the product or service offerings
  • Getting an opinion on feasibility or optimal HR and financial choices
  • Validating the product idea, process or service offerings
  • Strengthening the HR and management aspects of your venture


  • Two one-on-one sessions for about 30 minutes between the entrepreneur and the scientific and technological specialists
  • Business Consulting meetings to be facilitated by YNOS
  • Possibility of continuing engagement can be directly discussed with the consultant by the entrepreneur