Incubators and accelerators play an important role in the modern start-up ecosystem. During the initial few months after incorporation, start-ups face a lot of uncertainty. They need a lot of support, handholding and mentoring as they start finding their bearings. It is here that Incubators for start-ups play a very important role in helping the them navigate the uncertain terrain. So, what are incubators and accelerators for start-ups? Apart from providing infrastructure, access to experts, partnerships with service providers, networks with investors, incubators also significantly influence the start-ups' journey. The role of the incubator in the success of the start-up is as much as that of an investor, if not more. Therefore, it is critical that start-ups partner with the right incubator.

A vibrant start-up economy needs a very active institutional structure for incubator and accelerator programs. Governments, universities, private corporations, and industry bodies have realized this and have significantly added to the incubation capacity in recent years. The challenge for the entrepreneurs is to identify the incubator that would meet their requirements. As much as the needs of the start-up vary, the strengths of each incubator also vary. Some incubators might have deep expertise in certain sectors, while some have a strong investor network, and some others might be open for providing virtual incubation. The imperative therefore for the start-up founders is to choose the incubator that can help in those areas where the need is the highest.

Incubators from YNOS helps precisely in that. Incubators, a unique concept, helps start-up founders to analyse various incubators and accelerators in India and across the globe, and then choose the one that is most appropriate. The AI platform helps to compare different incubators in a manner that has never been possible so far. Apart from start-up founders, this platform can also benefit the CEOs and managers of incubation centres to benchmark themselves against other incubators. Other stakeholders associated with the development of start-up ecosystem such as government, funding agencies, and so on, would also find the platform to be of immense value.