Information is critical for a startup to take the right strategic decisions. Prospective and early stage entrepreneurs and other major stakeholders of the startup ecosystem often do not have access to the right resources and information to make critical business decisions. Two major challenges encounter those who seek information on the early stage ecosystem. First, the startup landscape has become increasingly complex and dynamic. Second, the information sources are amorphous and patchy. The result is the inordinate time and effort needed to access and get crucial information for decision making.

The answer is Insight. Insight is a market and competitive intelligence tool which gives an in-depth analysis of the startup landscape. It provides valuable information that addresses a variety of use cases. For example, entrepreneurs seeking investment would find invariably face the following question when interacting with investors: How different is your startup when compared to others? The similar startups feature in Insight would provide the information to help to prepare a competitor comparison and also do a SWOT analysis to impress the investor. For an investor, who is analysing a prospective startup for investment, Insight can provide details of comparable startups which can be very helpful in the investment decision making process.

The dashboard feature in Insight can provide directions to the entrepreneur even before they make significant investments in terms of effort and time. The dashboard gives the spatial and temporal distribution of startups in a given sector, funding trends, valuation levels, prevalent business models, and the key offerings of various startups. Using the dashboard, entrepreneurs can make key inferences on appropriate business models, competitive intensity, and sectoral growth opportunities.