The IP Marketplace for Inventors, Start-ups, and Corporates

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IP Engine from YNOS is a cutting edge platform to leverage the abundant opportunities in Intellectual Property. For the first time ever, IP Engine presents an IP marketplace across the spectrum owned by top institutions and individual inventors.


  • A one stop shop for all IP.
  • The intelligent semantic search feature helps to identify the relevant IP even if the exact keywords are not known
  • Facilitate the acquisition of the IP from the inventor either by outright buying, transferring, licensing, and eliminating a long and cumbersome process
  • Shortlisted IPs can be bookmarked for detailed review later


  • Check if your innovation or invention is likely to encroach upon any existing IP thereby potentially saving yourself millions in litigation and liabilities
  • Help to quickly identify related IP across institutions in a jiffy
  • Eliminates the need to search multiple repositories for identifying the relevant IP
  • YNOS support available all the way through from identification to connecting to licensing the IP from the inventor or owner