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Discover Start-ups

Identifying which start-ups to fund is a very uncertain and time-consuming process. As an investor, you would like to see as many start-ups as possible before deciding on the one that you would like to invest in. Assessing only those start-ups that reach out to you can be very sub-optimal. Most leading investors routinely scan the start-up horizon proactively to identify start-ups with potential. YNOS Startups is an advanced technology platform that greatly simplifies the process of scanning and screening the early stage start-up landscape.

With the number of start-ups created growing significantly, identifying start-ups with potential in the conventional way is no longer effective. While most databases provide information on start-ups that have received investment, as an investor you would be keen to discover start-ups with potential before other investors. In essence, you would want to be the news rather than reading the news. YNOS Startups brings together the world of start-ups much before it appears on the radar of most other sources.

YNOS Startups provides a never-before holistic perspective of the start-ups by using advanced data integration tools. Using search methods and filters that are directly relevant for investors and analysts, scanning the start-up landscape has never been so simpler and exciting.