Top Angel Investors who are IIT Madras alumni

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List of top Angel Investors in India from IIT Madras

Here is a list of 140+ Angel Investors who are alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM) and have invested in Indian Startups across varied sectors like Health-tech, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, and 10 others.

Browse through our list of top 140+ angel investors in India who are leading the investment landscape in India with a storm. The distinguished alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), these business wizards are highly experienced, well-networked, and immensely influential individuals of the business world. Having successfully established themselves in the business world, they are now on a mission to provide early-stage startups – across all sectors including Health-tech, Edu-tech, Fin-tech, and 10 others – with the support they need to rise and shine in the competitive business landscape.

With exceptional academic excellence, unparalleled technology expertise, and prolific business skills, these new-age funders can offer your startup the equity and knowledge it needs to scale newer heights.

So scan through our section to get a snapshot of their investment profile or use our smart search filters to find the most prolific angels who match your ideal criteria. Right from their past investments to key focus areas, sectors of investment and more, get all the information you need about these investors and simplify and streamline your capital raising process.

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