Exclusive Digital Ocean for Startups offers for YNOS subscribers

DigitalOcean simplifies cloud computing so developers and businesses can spend more time building software that changes the world. With its mission-critical infrastructure and fully managed offerings, DigitalOcean helps developers, startups and SMBs rapidly build, deploy and scale applications to accelerate innovation and increase productivity and agility

Hatch is DigitalOcean's global startup program to help startups grow and build in the cloud. As part of Hatch, you'll gain access to

  1. USD $1000 (approximately ₹80,000) worth of DigitalOcean's cloud valid for 12 months
  2. Technical trainings, mentorship, and support
  3. Opportunities to connect with the global Hatch community through a dedicated Slack
  4. Marketing help and promotions through DigitalOcean's social channels, newsletters and events
  5. Invites to exclusive networking events

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for DigitalOcean Hatch, startups must not have received previous DigitalOcean promotional credits and must not be existing DigitalOcean customers. More details and full eligibility criteria available at do.co/hatch

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The startups need to successfully meet the eligibility criteria of the program to qualify and claim the benefit. The final decision for awarding the benefit is made by Digital Ocean