YNOS Subscription Benefits+

Save money and avoid essential costs as you develop your startup. Take the YNOS Subscription. Truly the smartest move and the best return on your investment.

AWS Activate

Build and scale your startup with the right resources at the right time

AWS Activate is your solution to a scalable, reliable, and cost-optimized startup. AWS Activate member startups get free tools, resources, content and expert support to accelerate growth at every stage


  1. USD $5000 (approximately ₹4,00,000) in AWS Promotional Credits valid for 2 years
  2. USD $1500 (approximately ₹1,20,000) in Premium Business Support credits valid for 1 year
  3. Access to special offers available from trusted organizations such as Freshworks, Notion, Paytm, Airtable, Segment, HubSpot & Chargebee
  4. and much more

Chargebee for Startups

The journey to the first million is often the hardest. To help you get there faster, we're offering free access to Chargebee's Rise Plan. This offer is valid until you hit your first $1 Million in revenue, so you don't have to worry about billing and subscription management in the marathon


  1. From checkout to reconciliation, collect recurring payments
  2. Adjust price structures, bundles, and discounts
  3. Accurately recognize revenue and plug leaks in order-to-revenue cycle
  4. Upgrade finance, accounting, CRM, and more
  5. Stay up to date with the newest taxation and privacy rules
  6. Powerful integrations with popular tools
  7. and much more

DigitalOcean for Startups

Grow your startup with DigitalOcean's powerful and easy-to-use infrastructure

Hatch is DigitalOcean's global startup program (offering cloud credits) to help startups grow and build in the cloud and scale their businesses


  1. USD $1000 (approximately ₹80,000) worth of DigitalOcean's cloud valid for 12 months
  2. Technical trainings, mentorship, and support
  3. Opportunities to connect with the global Hatch community through a dedicated Slack channel
  4. Marketing help and promotions through DigitalOcean's social channels, newsletters and events
  5. Invites to exclusive networking events
  6. and much more

Freshworks for Startups

Introducing startup solutions as big as your aspirations

Everything your startup needs to connect with more customers, more effectively, more often, so that you're free to focus on scale


  1. Credits worth USD $10,000 (approximately ₹8,00,000) across all Freshworks products
  2. Customers and Go to Market (GTM) in the Freshworks ecosystem (250K+ customers)
  3. Engagement in terms of content, resources, office hours, mentorship, workshops and so on
  4. and much more

HubSpot for Startups

The All-in-One CRM That Scales as Your Startup Grows Save upto 30% on all the tools you need to increase leads, accelerate sales, and streamline your customer service


  1. Up to 30% Discount on HubSpot Software: Use one service or the entire suite of HubSpot Growth Platform with a free-forever CRM at an entrepreneur friendly price. Get up to 30% off in your first year, and 15% off ongoing
  2. Education Resources and Tailored Training: Masterclasses, templates, kits, and guides to help you save time and avoid costly mistakes growing your startup. Plus, access to world-class support from HubSpot experts
  3. Integrated Platform for Startups Get access to over 500+ software integrations, many at startup-friendly pricing, as well as the opportunity to build an integration on the HubSpot platform
  4. and much more

Kissflow for Startups

Kissflow low-code/no code is an intuitive and secure platform that fast-tracks digital transformation and addresses the escalating shortage of technical talent. By democratizing app development, the platform helps you to build, test, and deploy powerful enterprise-grade apps on one unified platform to scale efficiently. The platform is used by 10,000+ customers across 160 countries to create a digital workplace where work gets done seamlessly


  1. Form designer: Leverage a powerful form builder that uses a vast array of field types to gather the right information at every step
  2. Process automation: Enable non-programmers to efficiently automate predictable, repeatable processes to reduce human intervention
  3. Smart boards: Seamlessly handle projects and cases on intuitive, agile smart boards for increased granular visibility and productivity
  4. and much more

Paytm for Startups

Scale your Startup with the Power of Paytm

Exclusive Omni-channel Payment Solutions with No Platform Fees for Online Transactions

Paytm for Startups is an initiative by Paytm to catalyze the startup ecosystem in India. The program covers critical business enablers, helping the startup focus on core business areas and achieve product-market fit


  1. FREE credits on Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) worth ₹3,00,000 on Paytm Payment Gateway
  2. Get 25% off on the Paytm Ads package and be seen by 150 million+ active users
  3. Get 25% off on the Paytm Deals package, a hyper-local online platform that enables customers and local merchants to discover and engage with each other
  4. and much more

Vakilsearch for Startups

Vakilsearch provides legal, tax, compliance, ESOP & transactional advisory services to startups. They help businesses incorporate across the globe in 13+ countries such as the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Portugal, etc., and support founders in taking their ideas into business entities that are well positioned to scale rapidly


FREE Vakilsearch credits worth ₹1,00,000 in the form of discounts of up to 20% on their services, free services and business advisory valid for 12 months. Such as -

  1. FREE Vakilsearch Compliance Calendar for 12 months
  2. FREE subscription for 3 months to Zolvit Dash, a next generation accounting tool designed and built for startups
  3. FREE Trademark Search & Watch for a year
  4. Access to ESOP Lite Handbook worth ₹20,000 - template drafts of Employee Stock Option Plan Policy and employee agreement with ESOP
  5. Access to Business Documents Handbook worth ₹35,000 - template drafts for agreements between Founders, Vendors, for Loans, Services, Non-disclosures, Distributions, Franchises etc.
  6. and much more

Zoho for Startups

Zoho for Startups offers for YNOS subscribers

Through the Zoho for Startups program, we are passionate about helping startups onboard the right software tools at the right time. Whether you are just setting up your startup or are already scaling up across geographies, from writing down your ideas to crafting your pitches, you will always find a bunch of apps that can help you structure and automate your everyday work


Eligible startups can avail upto ₹1,86,000 worth of Zoho Wallet credits

The Wallet credits will be provided in two stages

  • Stage 1: All eligible startups can get ₹1,00,000 worth of startup credits after validation
  • Stage 2: Startups interested in hosting their email with Zoho can apply for an additional ₹86,000 worth of credits and much more

The startups need to successfully meet the eligibility criteria of the program to qualify and claim the benefit. The final decision for awarding the benefit is made by our partner vendor