Exclusive Kissflow for Startups offers for YNOS subscribers

Exclusive Kissflow for Startups offers for YNOS subscribers

Kissflow low-code/no code is an intuitive and secure platform that fast-tracks digital transformation and addresses the escalating shortage of technical talent. By democratizing app development, the platform helps you to build, test, and deploy powerful enterprise-grade apps on one unified platform to scale efficiently. The platform is used by 10,000+ customers across 160 countries to create a digital workplace where work gets done seamlessly

Product Features

  1. Form designer: Leverage a powerful form builder that uses a vast array of field types to gather the right information at every step
  2. Process automation: Enable non-programmers to efficiently automate predictable, repeatable processes to reduce human intervention
  3. Smart boards: Seamlessly handle projects and cases on intuitive, agile smart boards for increased granular visibility and productivity
  4. App builder: Visualize and create highly functional applications using an easy-to-use app designer that uses minimal code
  5. Dashboards: Build dashboards quickly to easily visualize and analyze every piece of data across projects, processes, and applications
  6. Collaboration: Communicate seamlessly with other teams, departments, and stakeholders to enable cohesion and transparency
  7. Analytics and reporting: Turn raw data into actionable insights that help you monitor performance and make strategic changes for increased efficiency
  8. Integrations: Connect your platform with the most popular and commonly used applications and APIs for broadened capabilities

The secret to staying competitive lies in applying tech to upgrade your business processes. With Kissflow for Startups, you can now focus better on enhancing your business productivity

Kissflow for Startups Offering

Eligible startups can avail:

  1. $10,000 (approximately ₹8,00,000) worth of Kissflow credits (with no cap), valid until you exhaust them
  2. Priority support from program executives
  3. Free premium onboarding worth $4000 (approximately ₹3,20,000)

Eligibility Criteria

The Kissflow startup program is available to any startup that is:

  1. YNOS subscriber
  2. Less than 2 years old
  3. Has less than 20 employees
  4. In the seed and pre-seed funding stage
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The startups need to successfully meet the eligibility criteria of the program to qualify and claim the benefit. The final decision for awarding the benefit is made by Kissflow