Angel Investor Matchmaking

Startups find fundraising a hassle. Pitching to investors and then realising that their interests do not align with that of the startup can be very frustrating. Using YNOS' AI based match-making engine, get connected to the right set of angel investors in a jiffy. (Read More)

Determine your Startup's Valuation

Valuation is crucial for fundraising, but disparity in valuation expectations between founders & investors can delay or derail investment round. Using YNOS' ML tool you can now determine your startup's valuation in a manner acceptable to investors. (Read More)

Analyse & Benchmark with Competition

Including competition analysis in a startup pitch deck is crucial. Investors value healthy competition only if founders demonstrate a clear differentiation. With YNOS' powerful AI engine, instantly identify & benchmark with your competition. (Read More)

Create your startup footprint

Register your startup with YNOS and get discovered by thousands of investors, fund managers, incubation cell managers, & public agencies seeking to invest in & support startups. Additionally, you can also participate in flash-pitch sessions organised by YNOS.

Data Curation by Expert Analysts

YNOS offers the most comprehensive & credible information on the Indian startup ecosystem. Collaborate with our team to receive customized information extracts tailored to your fundraising, market research, & lead generation activities. (Read More)

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