Which browsers support the YNOS platform?
Our website supports all leading browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, and so on. In case you encounter any difficulties or think the display is haphazard, do make sure your browser is up to date and the proxy settings are set correctly. If any issues regarding the pop-up blocker is encountered, please disable it.
Where do I signup on the website?
We would love to have you on board! You can go to Login section, and choose "Create Account". Alternatively, the direct link for the signup page is:!/signup
Can I change my startup details after submission?
There are limitations in changing the startup details once submitted. Some details could however be updated during the subscription period. This is to ensure that we provide you with the best customized dashboard. So please be sure to fill up your details carefully! You can go to the "My Details" section to fill in your startup details.
I am totally new to this website. How does the whole process work?
YNOS Venture Engine platform is a one stop solution for all entrepreneurial problems. The objective of the venture is to enhance the success of startups while creating a strong impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The various offerings leverage technology and use advanced data science techniques and marker analytics to provide customized insights and recommendations to the entrepreneurs. You can visit our offerings page and read the brochure for more details!
Are there specific geographies that YNOS caters to?
Our technology platform and offline offerings have been designed to cater to specific needs of early stage entrepreneurs and startups across India. Startups and entrepreneurs all across India can avail our services.
Do you offer a trial period?
We do not have a trial offerings of our services. Since our services are moderately priced, we encourage you to take a subscription. Registered users who are not subscribers can view limited content on the Insight offering.
Does YNOS have any age restriction for signup?
Yes, we ask that the people who signup are 18 and above in age.
Is it necessary to have a completed business plan to sign up?
Whether you are a startup or an entrepreneur with an idea, the YNOS Venture Engine platform is the place for you. It is not necessary to have a completed business plan, even if you have just an idea, that’s what we’re here for. In fact, the information that we provide would help you to develop your business plan.
Would a one person company be eligible to avail benefits under YNOS?
Yes, our offers are open and useful to all entrepreneurs and startups regardless of their size or maturity.
What do I do if I forgot my password?
Go to the Login page and click on "Forgot password" to type in your email address to get a link for changing the password.
I have multiple startups. Do I need to create additional profiles on YNOS?
We recommend that you create additional profiles on YNOS using different email ids to get a much more accurate and personalized dashboard.


Where and how do I pay for the offerings?
Go to the Offerings page and click on "Subscribe" to purchase a subscription. Clicking and availing on any of the premium services would also take you to Subscription page in case you are not a subscriber. The current promotion subscription offer is Rs.990 per annual for all the online offerings.
How much do I pay for the services of YNOS?
The current annual subscription for the online platform is Rs.990/-. The offerings Clarity and Consult are not online offerings and hence are not covered under the online offerings. Consult booking is charged a nominal rate of Rs.5000/-. You can click on the “subscription” button in the offerings page to pay for the offerings.
How does the payment process work?
Go to the Offerings page and click on "Subscribe" to purchase a yearly subscription of our offerings. This would further take you to our payment gateway where you can pay using a variety of options and use our offerings to your advantage.
How does the payment option work?
Go to the Offerings page and click on "Subscribe" to purchase a subscription. This would further take you to our payment gateway where you can pay and further explore our offerings for a time period of a year.
What are the entry and exit charges?
There is no charge for signing up or exiting our website. Feel free to sign up and explore if you find our offerings suitable for you! We do however charge a fee for full access to our offerings.


How long is the subscription valid for?
The paid subscription is valid for a period of one year.
How do I complete the registration process?
You can go to Login section, and choose "Create Account". After the sign up process, you can fill the details of your startup under the “My details” section. Once this is done, you can click on the “Subscribe” button in the offerings page to get full access to all the offerings.
What does YNOS expect from the registered users?
We do not 'expect' anything from the users except for an accurate filling up of startup details. This helps us to better help you!
What is the refund policy?
YNOS has a strict no refund policy except under exceptional circumstances such as failure of payment gateway, or other force majeure events.
Do you have subscription plans for less than a year?
We currently offer an annual subscription plan for our offerings.
What happens after the subscription gets over and is not renewed?
Once the subscription is over, you will no longer be able to access the offerings ‘Discover’ or ‘Verve’ and will only be able to see a handful of cards on Insight. We encourage you to renew your subscription as we make frequent and relevant updates.

Products and Offerings

Is there a product guide about the features of the platform?
Yes you can go through our product brochure, available in the offerings page which will give you a detailed idea of our offerings. Click on "Download Brochure" in the offerings page to download the same.
How does YNOS help startups find investors?
YNOS helps you identify the ideal investors using a path-breaking algorithm developed based on insights obtained from years of research on the Indian Venture Industry.
Does YNOS provide direct funding?
YNOS does not provide direct funding, but helps identify the appropriate investors for your venture. The proprietary offering utilizes advanced data science, marker analytics and machine learning to identify appropriate investors.
How do I find out how much my business is worth?
Our offering, Verve, uses data science and analytical tools to help you quickly estimate the valuation of your venture. This offering helps you to become aware of the ground realities on valuations provided by investors, helping you approach valuation negotiations with more self-assurance.
As a startup, how can I assess competition?
Studying the startup landscape from scratch to assess competition can be both time consuming as well as exhaustive. This is why we do all that work for you by giving you a customized dashboard that helps you understand you competition better.
How reliable is the data based on which the recommendations are given?
YNOS partners with Venture Intelligence, the industry leading platform for most of the data requirements. This ensures that the recommendations are based on reliable data that has been verified.
What resource and assistance is provided on YNOS?
We provide solutions catering to the needs of early stage startups and entrepreneurs. As a springboard for startups, we help in enhancing the success of startups. For a more enhanced understanding, you can visit us at!
Which books or articles about entrepreneurship should I read?
Our thought leadership sections contain a comprehensive set of reports and articles authored by members of the YNOS team, to help you better understand the startup landscape. These articles and reports can give you an in-depth understanding to help with your venture. You can find these invaluable sources of knowledge in our "Thought Leadership" page.
What can I do to get the right venture capitalist for my venture?
Why do all the work yourself, when we can help you narrow down and find the right investors for you? Once you provide your startup details, we can help shortlist and present you with appropriate investors.
What kind of support can YNOS provide to help my team launch?
The YNOS platform specializes platform in helping launch small-scale startups and entrepreneurs. We provide customized information for the venture to help them navigate the startup landscape.
Where can I find help for my startup?
Look no further!! YNOS Venture Engine platform is the one stop solution for vexatious entrepreneurial problems. We can help boost your startup to success.
How can we get funding for our startup?
Look no further, we can help find the right investors for you. While we do not provide direct funding, we can help with potential referrals and validate your business plan to meet investor requirements.
We have already been working on our startups for a while. Is YNOS Venture Engine appropriate for us?
Definitely, YNOS provides guidance as well as an in-depth understanding of the startup landscape in India. This would help in competition analysis and help you in the long run even if you already have been working on your idea. It never hurts to get more understanding of your startup landscape.
We have already raised some funding. Will we still find your offerings useful?
Funding is not the sole aspect that YNOS looks to help with. You will find YNOS useful because we not only find potential referrals but also help validate your business plan through our Consult offering.
I have a great idea for a startup but I am not a technical person. What do I do?
You needn’t worry, YNOS can help put you in touch with professionals who will look over your business plan and validate the same. We also conduct high impact programs on fund raising for your venture. All this should help you out with your idea. To know more visit our offerings page
We are looking advice and guidance for our startup. How can you help?
We have many offerings that could help you with this. We help you engage with top notch advisors to strengthen your investment pitch and value proposition. Our offerings can help you navigate in the startup landscape and help you make informed choices. To know more about what we have to offer, please do visit our offerings page.
I am looking to start my own venture. Where do I start?
Of course we would say that YNOS is the right place to start but don’t take our word for it, take a look at our testimonials! YNOS was started to specifically help small-scale startups and entrepreneurs. Our offerings are particularly useful for startups that are just starting out and looking to understand the startup terrain.
I need a professional to review my startup idea. Can you help?
Our proprietary tool Consult, enables you to engage with top notch advisors to make your venture investment ready. These intensive discussions help sharpen your business strategy, operations and service offerings while also getting you a potential referral for investors.
I have an idea and I think it might result in a startup soon. What are the steps I should be taking?
We recommend that you use our offerings to guide you through the startup landscape. Our data is obtained from nearly a decade of research on the venture capital industry in India. Our services are particularly aimed at early stage startups which require assistance.
What are your recommended steps to get funded?
We believe that a good business plan and an impressive investment pitch are necessary to find the right investors and thereby get funded. Our services are focused to give you exactly that. We have a team of professionals on board who can validate your business plans and strengthen your investment pitch and value proposition.
How can I tell if my idea is good?
To the amateur eye, many ideas look tempting and even prospective. This is why we have a panel of experts to validate your business plan and hold intensive discussions that enable a deep dive on critical issues.
I am looking to find help with technical aspects for my startup. Can you help?
Keep following our website, interesting updates are coming soon for technical startups!!
As a startup founder, what are the biggest challenges I can expect?
A startup founder faces many challenges which includes: Managing finances, understanding competition, selecting the right investors, getting the right valuation and last but not the least failure in execution. We understand the issues faced by the entrepreneur and our main focus is to tackle these entrepreneurial pain points! Our offerings are aimed at solving some of these issues for startups.
Why do I need a business plan?
You need a clear business plan to define your objectives and strategize to work on the goals you wish to achieve as a company. A clear business plan is also necessary while pitching to a potential investor. Investors don’t play dice and clear and concise information from your end could convince them to invest in your idea. We at YNOS know how critical pitching an idea is, which is why our offerings help to perfect your business plan and nail investment pitches.

About YNOS

What do I get out of YNOS?
YNOS helps startup founders to navigate the terrain in the early stages of their venture lifecycle. The technology platform and offline offerings have been designed to cater to specific needs of early stage entrepreneurs. Starting with information about the competitive landscape, the various online and offline offerings help the start-up founders to become more investment ready. Signing up as a subscriber gives you access to several exciting tools and offerings. Come join the YNOS community!
How frequently is your data updated?
We ensure to update our data regularly to give you the best customized dashboard. We currently run monthly data updates on our website.
When was YNOS Venture Engine founded?
YNOS Venture Engine was founded by Prof. Thillai Rajan and industry professionals and incubated at the IITM Incubation Cell in 2017 to cater to the needs of early stage entrepreneurs and startups.
Where is YNOS Venture Engine located?
YNOS Venture Engine is located in IITM Incubation Cell, Module 2, D Block, Third Floor, Phase II, IIT Madras Research Park, Kanagam Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600113
What are the benefits of YNOS, and how does a startup qualify for the offerings?
YNOS Venture Engine has many benefits for the early stage startups and entrepreneurs. Any small or large scale startup can find our website extremely useful.
What are the advantages of YNOS?
YNOS Venture Engine is a one of a kind startup for startups. The offerings help small-scale startups and entrepreneurs to navigate through the startup landscape in India. This platform is a pit stop to help gear up for success.
How different is YNOS from other ventures?
The YNOS platform is different from other startups because it is a startup for startups. YNOS helps aspiring startups and entrepreneurs to help them springboard to success. We believe that you should focus on product development rather than waste valuable time trying to identify investors or understand the competitive landscape.
What are the rules of your website?
We do not have rules per se, but kindly go through our terms and conditions page to know more.
Regarding taxes, costs and regulations, what should I be aware of before I join the platform?
Please go through our terms and conditions page for more details. You can read the same at
Is the platform only to fundraise?
No, while we do not provide direct funding, we provide assistance with finding the right investors, helping in understanding the startup landscape, estimating the valuation of the venture as well as enabling meetings with top notch advisors to make your venture investment ready. This saves a lot of valuable time for the startup founders and help them to focus on their business.


How do I partner with YNOS?
You can reach out to us at or call us at +917358431831, to take it forward.
How does YNOS work with investors?
YNOS Venture Engine platform helps find the right investors for the startups and entrepreneurs. We are working on getting investors on board. Keep visiting this space to get more updates.
How do I get an institute license?
You can contact us directly at or call us at +917358431831. The Institute license would enable all the students of institute to have free access to our website for a year.
How can investors register on YNOS?
You can send us a mail at to take things forward.
How do I join the Consult platform?
You can join the Consult platform by signing up here


What documentation do you need from the startups who wish to sign up?
We do not require any documentation from you, but we do ask that you carefully fill up your startup details. This will help us to map your startup and provide you with relevant solutions and a customized dashboard.
Who will have access to my startup details?
Privacy is our top priority. Please take a look at our privacy policy. The link for the same is


How can I submit a support issue?
Go to the Contact page and click on "Send Message” or drop us a message. You can also contact us at or call us at +917358431831.
How can I get in touch with someone from the team?
You can email us at or call us at +917358431831.
How do I get included on the customer page?
Once you are a subscriber of the YNOS platform, you can reach out to us via email with your details and we will be happy to add you on to our customer page.